Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center


The Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center aims to make accurate, science-based health information easily available so that patients and their families can make informed decisions about their care.

Through its collection of online databases, pamphlets and staff, the center aims to live up to its namesake, Myra Mahon (1937-2011), a licensed clinical social worker who believed that “an informed patient is almost always a healthier patient with a better chance for a favorable outcome.” Access to medical information helps patients overcome their fears, she said, while “providing comfort and, many times, acceptance of treatment.”

The MMPRC works collaboratively with the world-class physicians and healthcare providers at Ƶ, who are committed to delivering outstanding primary and specialty care to all patients.

The center opened in February 2007 through generous donations from the Arthur and Myra Mahon Foundation, the Adrian and Jesse Archbold Charitable Trust and the Dean’s Challenge matching funds.


Professional medical librarians, a trained library assistant and volunteers are on staff at the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center to help connect patients, family members, caregivers, and prospective patients to quality health information resources.

All MMPRC staff endeavor to identify credible health information so that individuals may make informed healthcare decisions. If you are unable to visit the MMPRC, we respond to questions by email and telephone at (646) 962-5303. 

At the Patient Resource Center, we provide:

  • A library with a wide selection of health brochures, pamphlets, and online resources,
  • Computers and wireless access. Note: In order to use the public computers you must show a current picture I.D.
  • Comfortable lounge areas to wait between office visits

Rules for User Conduct

Disclaimer: The resources and materials provided by the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center does not take the place of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your physician or health care provider. Questions or concerns about the information provided in this document should be shared with your physician or health care provider.

Online Resources

Our list of online resources provides accurate health information from reliable and reputable sources, like the National Library of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Aug 08 2024

Time: 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Sep 04 2024

Time: 2:00pm to 3:00pm