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Infographic: How to Prevent Lyme Disease

People can get Lyme disease from the bite of an infected tick. Symptoms include a rash, headache, fever and fatigue. Enjoy the outdoors while staying safe from deer ticks and Lyme disease with these tips for prevention.

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Melanin Matters: How Skin Cancer Affects People of Color

If you have black or brown skin, you have more melanin, or natural pigment, than people with white skin. Extra melanin provides protection from sun-related damage. This defense, however, isn’t perfect.

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Zero Stigma Day: Celebrating Advances in HIV Prevention and Treatment

July 21 is celebrated around the world as Zero HIV Stigma Day, increasing awareness and understanding of people living with HIV. With significant advances in prevention and available treatment options, we can begin addressing the stigma associated with the disease.

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First Foods for Your Baby: The Solid Truth

Transitioning your baby from breastmilk or formula to solid foods is a big milestone. Your baby gets to try new tastes and textures and feel more independent as they start to feed themselves. Knowing when it’s time to start trying solid foods and what’s best for your baby helps you and your little one navigate this new phase of life together.

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Essential Summer Safety Tips for Active Kids

During the summer, physical activity is one of the best ways to keep kids healthy and entertained. All parents know how easy it is for kids to get sucked into screens and video games—especially without school and their regular daily routines. So, this summer, find creative ways to get your kids moving, even if the weather is too hot for playing outside.

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Preparing for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

A woman’s pelvis is home to her urinary tract, rectum, uterus and other reproductive organs. Sometimes, pelvic reconstructive surgery is warranted to remedy the following conditions: Prolapse, Urinary incontinence, and Fistula of the urinary tract.

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Podcast: Preventing Pain While Working From Home

In this episode of Back to Health, Dr. Rohan Jotwani discusses what patients should know about managing pain or discomfort while working from home.

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Listen to Ƶ Podcasts on YouTube Music

For several years, Ƶ has been offering podcasts on a wide range of health topics. In addition to the channels where our podcasts are typically found, we’ve started adding them to our YouTube channel, making it easier for you to access the information that’s especially helpful and relevant to you.

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Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis: What’s the Difference, and How Are They Related?

Diverticulitis is a big word, given the condition it denotes: inflammation in a small pouch that may form in the lower part of the colon. Such pouches, called diverticula, are not exactly normal, but they’re quite common, especially in older adults.

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Podcast: Pediatric Mental Health Integration Program

In this episode of Kids Health Cast, Dr. Corinne Catarozoli highlights the Pediatric Mental Health Integration Program (PMHIP) at Ƶ.